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My Nepal Journey to uncover hidden gems.

Posted on December 1st, 2016 | by Subrat
-->My Nepal Journey to uncover hidden gems.

I cannot believe it’s been six month already since we started putting  plans together to start our business. It seemed impossible at the beginning just considering the amount of work that was needed to start was tantalising but slowly for surely one step at a time we have managed to get our website together, registered and licensed the company under Czech law. Partnered with one of most experienced travel agency in Nepal and designed one of the best tours to Nepal from Jungle safari to Trekking, from Himalaya expedition to Hiking for everyone from family to back packers.

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The land locked Himalayan country sandwiched between two giants China and India has plenty to offer for travellers from all around the world whether you mountain lover or an animal lover, if you love art and culture you would love all the seven UNESCO heritages sites in Kathmandu.  Colourful Hindu temples and Majestic Buddhist Stupas are on every nook and corner , Old towns which are also commonly known as Durbar Squares offer a glimpse of old Nepal and Of course there are the great Himalayas for trekking and expeditions and Jungles for Safari.

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When we started working on designing customised all inclusive tour packages I wanted to offer something new to our clients. I did not wanted to use only the popular destinations which 80% of all travel agencies were using in Nepal and abroad, I wanted to make it unique and exciting so I went on my own travels to Nepal.

One the first trip I wanted to make sure I visited some of the popular destinations and activities most tourist indulge themselves with in Nepal. It was very clear from the get go, most who travelled to Nepal travel to three different cities mostly Kathmandu- Chitwan – Pokhara which is also commonly knows these days as Golden triangle.

Kathmandu let’s be honest just like most other capitals feels a little bit over crowed but it makes up for its crowed atmosphere by Art and crafts on every street corner .The three old towns ( Dubrar Squares) are truly unique but I noticed people from the west find the cremation at the temple of pasupatinath a unforgettable experience.

Chitwan feels more tropical than the rest of Nepal , it is home to many wild animals birds hence safari tours are the most popular activities her for tourists but I noticed the day trip to experience how the local Tribe ‘ Tharu’ live and go by their everyday life was fascinating.tiger-1578962_1280 dsc_2803 dsc_3332 dsc_2807

Pokhara is knows to be the gateways town to most of the Himalayas. Most climbers and expedition group start their journey from here, Next the fewa lake you can find hundreds of restaurants Hotel. Café’s , Bars and travel agencies . Pokhara is also a popular destination for adventure tourism and you can Paraglide, fly on an Ultra-light plane to see the Himalaya up close , Bugy jump, Zip rope downhill and other adventure sports are available here

One my second visit to Nepal I researched for destinations which were less popular due to its extremely rural back ground, lack of infrastructure and difficulties to get there due to poor conditions of roads and i came across these three places to begin with.

Mustang was a forbidden kingdom not so long ago and foreigners were not allowed to enter hence its rich original culture is well preserved and anybody who has been to mustang can tell you it almost feels like a different world which has not yet been touched by modernisation and mass consumption.

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Another one of those hidden gems was Tsum Valley , ‘Tsum’ is derived from the Tibetan word ‘Tsombo’, which means vivid. Traditionally, the Tsum valley was culturally a distinct geographical area called ‘Tsum Tso Chucksums’ . Tsum Valley is situated in the northern part of the Gorkha district, near the Tibetan border, surrounded by the Buddha Himal mountain range with Himal Chuli to the west, Himal in the south, and Sringi Himal to the north. The Tsum valley trek is one of the best treks, where one can encounter the friendly and hospitable people, the living traditional Tibetian Buddhist culture, and the untouched wildlife thanks to the Buddhist prohibition on hunting.

last but not the least Gosaikunda lake which lies in Rasuwa district of Langtang region is a site of great significance to many Hindu pilgrims.It is situated 4380 metres above the sea level, and melts and sips down to form the Trishuli River. It is believed to have originated from Lord Shiva’s digging of the land with his Trishul (holy 3-xpointed sword) after he drank the poison from Samudramanthan and desperately wanted cold water to cool the overwhelming heat caused by the poison.


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There are plenty more known and less known wonderful places all around Nepal and we intend to make sure we offer some of the most unique travel packages to our clients so my travel to Nepal will continue to find those places so you can add them to your itinerary.