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Manaslu Expedition

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Manaslu Expedition


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It was Jimmy Roberts who discovered Mt. Manaslu as an interesting mountain to climb in 1950. However, the Japanese expedition in 1952 was the first expedition who tried to climb Mt. Manaslu (8163 m). Being the eighth highest mountain in the world, it is one of the best mountains to climb for experienced mountaineers. It lies in the Mansiri Himalayan range in the mid-western region of Nepal.
Different Japanese teams tried climbing Manaslu every year since 1952 until 1956, when the first summit was achieved. Even after that, the Japanese dominated this mountain and several Japanese expedition teams continued climbing Mt. Manaslu until 1971. The Koreans were the next ones who climbed Manaslu in 1971 and 72. Gradually, it became popular among other mountaineers who were interested in climbing 8000m peaks.
1. Qualified and experienced staff: The staff that we engage with on our Makalu Expedition is well-trained and experienced in their respective jobs. They all are very experienced, hospitable and know how to keep the climbers healthy and happy.
2. Acclimatization trip: The approach to the Base Camp is easy. Trekking into this region was restricted until 1991 for general trekkers but the expedition teams were allowed in. This is a very beautiful trek where you can walk along the Budi Gandaki river which will lead you to a valley of Tibetan culture. You will become acclimatized along the way, enjoying the culture, hospitality and an amazing scenery. Acclimatization always plays a vital role in making an expedition successful in the Himalayas.
3. Selected climbers: We only take a selected number of climbers for our Expedition in Manaslu or any other big mountain. There are some basic criteria on how you can join our Manaslu Expedition:
a. You must be experienced in high altitude climbing and have climbed at least two 6000 m peaks.
b. You must be physically and psychologically fit for climbing 8000 m peak
c. You must be ready for being in the mountains for two months.
Start Kathamandu Nepal
Finish Kathmandu Nepal
Country Nepal
Physical rating
Traveller’s rating
Ages Min 18
Group size Min1, Max 16

Is this trip for you?

-This tour has a trekking component of up to 6 hours a day
- This Tour consist of trekking at a high altitude and not suitable for people with Asthma
- Not Suitable for people with heart and respiratory Problem

Included activities

1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner
Tourist Bus
Public Transport
Auto rickshaw
Trekking Lodges
City Tour -Kathmandu, Patan,
Guide, Potters

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